f9d20221c04f5ceb74f67a4f56acandykisses Craving CandyThe fact is that everyone craves and loves candy. Maybe we don’t all have the same taste in candy, but in some form or another, young and old, we love candy! So where can we go to visit how our favorite treat is made?

Check out the MSN Online article about Candyfreak‘s author, Steve Almond and his quest to visit as many candy factories as possible. Not every factory allows visitors, due to health and sanitation reasons. None of us want someone to have sneezed before our yummy caramels were finished being processed.

Make this vacation from school your children’s dream of being Willy Wonka for at least a few hours. Research candy fabrication businesses in your area and schedule a tour.

Of course you need to sample and purchase some of the goods upon exiting.

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