It seems coed baby showers are becoming more and more popular, and I love the idea! Every time I hear about a shower someone recently attended or hosted, it was a coed baby shower. I thought this Storkie invitation would make for an ideal invitation for a coed shower. It is completely eye-catching, while maintaining an even balance. The invitation isn’t too feminine or masculine, it’s just right!

Coed Baby Shower Invitation Coed Baby Showers!


Maintaining that fine balance between being too girly and just right, as hard as that may be at times, is key to a coed baby shower. At least one that won’t make the father-to-be and his friends feeling a little out of their zone. I found some great tips on Baby Center for coed baby showers to keep in mind and make your party planning a little bit easier –

Coed Baby Shower TIps Coed Baby Showers!

{Baby Center}

Great tips right? I’ll be back tomorrow with an inspiration board for planning and designing a coed baby shower.

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One thought on “Coed Baby Showers!

  1. Coed baby showers are definitely the most fun! I’ve hosted several. One fun time we played a game that I found boring and dumb at a girls-only shower, but it was hilarious with men. “What’s in the dirty diaper” was great, but speed-diapering a doll with a cloth diaper was the best! Have fun.

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