quinceanera dress extraordinaire Celebrate the Girl!One day we look at our daughter, and she is just a little girl and then the next day she has invisibly crossed over the line into young womanhood! WOW! How can we acknowledge this momentous occasion without slapping her cheek, which used to be an old fashioned superstitious custom? I think that the Latina/Hispanic/Central American/South American tradition of making a Quinceanera Party is exactly what’s needed to honor young womanhood. I am not saying that we need to follow all of the protocol of this historically and religiously based festivity, but definitely our daughters should be able to wear the “princess-like” dress and crown and be celebrated by her family and friends!

Check out the formal celebration guidelines of the Quinceanera! Then, plan a Quinceanera celebration for your daughter!

q020f20allure Celebrate the Girl!

At least let her try-on one of these most feminine and gorgeous gowns and take a photo to capture the moment!

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