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"Yeah, I Got A Birthday Card!"

With the numbers of websites offering free e-greetings, why would anyone buy a printed card, use a postage stamp that keeps going up in price, and then “snail” mail the good wishes?

Although I often send an e-greeting for instant recognition of a happy event, I still enjoy shopping for that perfect card and sending out my good wishes with my personal handwriting embellishing the card. The tangible, tactile card can be said to be a wasteful use of our natural resources. On the other hand, the card sent through the mail can serve to become a memoir. Especially now, as people who are survivors of the Great Depression slowly die off, sometimes a family’s only souvenir that’s personal is in the form of a saved greeting card. The scrawled personal note, the person’s individual handwriting, and the stamp dated from USPS on the envelope are truly a slice of the past.

So that is the question: Should we continue the tradition of paper greeting cards or should we only send e-greetings. What do you think?

One thought on “Cards or Email Greetings?

  1. I am considered old. I am 68 and I love to get cards. I do use the computer but getting a card in the mail is great!

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