56129birthdayparty Birthday Party TrendsI decided to see what birthday party trends dominate in different parts of the United States. I went online and saw that the days of sending out an invitation, ordering or making a birthday cake, and planning on a few games in the yard cannot compete with a bounce house, an afternoon at a professional cooking school, a party in a salon, or hiring a magician who will “cut” the birthday child in half. So what’s a family to do if they want to celebrate and host the birthday child’s friends, but they don’t want to go into debt?

Be creative! You know your child’s likes and dislikes, interests, and talents. First, talk to the birthday celebrant to find out what his/her dreams about their birthday party entail. Then, plan around a strict budget. Then, hype up the forthcoming event with talk about the special birthday child. It’s all about the child celebrating.

The party, if organized, will be perfect in your child’s mind and memories!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Party Trends

  1. I’ve heard of a great tradition of planning a simple, but fun activity,for birthdays- something (maybe free) that family and friends can share in. No presents, no hooplah- I think this is the way I will have my family celebrate from now on.

  2. Great! Thanks for following my blog! What is the great tradition of a simple fun activity for birthdays? We love free, so fill us in on the details ASAP! Thanks so much!

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