ghost chair Baby Style   Ghost Chair Inspired Crib

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Oh Ghost Chairs, how I love everything about them. They are everywhere, even Target had their version of the clear, acrylic, stylish, beauty of a chair. I’ve had my eye on getting one for quite awhile now, and when I spotted this Vetro crib by Nurseryworks I couldn’t help but share.

acrylic crib Baby Style   Ghost Chair Inspired Crib


It’s “inspired by the love of acrylic furniture”, and I can relate to their love. I’m so glad they were inspired to make this crib because this one-of-a-kind crib is seriously incredible. How fabulous would this look in a nursery? Such a fun twist on traditional nursery furniture.

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2 thoughts on “Baby Style – Ghost Chair Inspired Crib

  1. It’s great until you get tired of cleaning the dried slobber and boogers that will be all over it.

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