k0922286babygirlchristening Baby Naming TrendsMany religions provide for ceremonies that formally bring a newborn baby into the community. How many Christening and Baptism events have you attended?

Today, an increasingly popular and creative celebration, called “Simhat Bat” welcomes the baby girl into the Jewish community with prayer and rituals similar to the traditional ceremony that welcomes a baby boy into the Jewish community. A website ITIM, The Jewish-Life Information Center offers suggestions for all life-cycle events. Miami based Aryeh Rubin states that there “is a return to ritual.” He believes, “there’s room to maneuver, improvise and invent customs…providing it does not trample upon… existing codes of (religious) law…” I look forward to attending a “Simhat Bat” very soon.

Many of us live in neighborhoods where we share community and life celebrations. How much richer are our lives when we can experience each other’s different life events!

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