4987photobirthannouncement Baby Announcement SuggestionIn September a very good friend of mine will give birth to twins. She has lived her life on a path very different from my own and is, as they say, a “mature” first time Mom. She comes from a large family, as does her husband, and both of them have many, many business contacts from being in the workforce for many years. In addition, they participate in the community and have a good number of close friends. They already decided that the Baby Naming of their twins would be for family and very close friends, only. So, they want to make the Birth Announcements a special way to include the people they know and are often in contact with so they feel included in this exciting and joyful event.

I recommended that they look at the Photo Birth Announcements in order to share photos of the twins as newborn babies. Since the Baby Naming is limited in number of invited guests, it will be wonderful to share how the twins look in the first few days of life with the people who know my friends.

2026postagestamp Baby Announcement Suggestion

They love the Photo Birth Announcement I recommended and have already decided to order the matching postage stamp and thank you cards as well.

The trend of Photo Birth Announcements, Invitations, Thank You Cards, and Postage Stamps help share the joy of happy occasions!

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  1. Can you change the color from brown to another color? I am having twins and I like this idea but I am having 2 girls. I will call you. Thanks for the good idea. Your friend is lucky to have such nice friends like you.

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