4530anniversaryinvite August, Good Month for WeddingsAs we meet new people and get to know them, surprisingly we find out that many of our couple friends married during the month of August. Now that we are all hitting the twenty-five year anniversary mark, more and more of our friends celebrate this milestone with a party. Since our twenty-fifth anniversary looms ahead, I began to talk to our family members about how to celebrate.

Recently, both of our parents approached us about what we want to do to commemorate the approaching “Silver Anniversary.” We had always said that we would go on a big trip to one of our dream destinations. Generously, our parents have offered to make our 25th Anniversary Party so we can use our money to go on a trip. So, once again, just like when they planned our wedding, both sets of parents are busy planning the celebration for our 25th Anniversary.

Possibly because this past school year was so filled with parties and celebrations, I am actually enjoying being the honoree and not the planner. So far, our parents have booked a place, asked us for a guest list, asked us if we prefer a brunch or a dinner, arranged the musicians to whom we will give a lists of songs we like, and asked us to pick out an invitation.

I picked out the “Wedding Cake” Anniversary Invitation. I love the softly colored background wedding cake image and its elegance. We have asked our parents to note on the invitation that in lieu of gifts, guests should make a donation to their favorite charities in our honor. We are attempting to establish a trend in gift-giving for the many 25th Anniversary parities that we will attend this year and next. So, besides writing a thank you note to our respective parents, we will thank our guests in person at the party and hope that each charity recipient will send a letter of thanks to the donors.

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  1. We are also married 25 years this year. I love your invitation and will order the same one for our party. Thanks!

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