When you’re expecting, the time between finding out and being able to tell everyone can feel like it goes on forever. So when it does come time to let the world know your happy news, how do you go about it?

Like many moms to be, singer Kelly Rowland took to Instagram to confirm her pregnancy. She posted a beautiful photo of herself in a yoga pose, with baby bump exposed.

If you want to stick to more traditional methods, a baby shower invitation can also serve as an announcement that you’re pregnant. Even if many of those you are inviting have heard through other means — whether that’s Facebook or an overly excited grandparent — getting a personalized baby shower invitation in the mail can be a joyous moment.

Choosing the right baby shower invitation can depend on many things. There are invitations for different types of showers, and styles that are perfect if you have a blue bump, pink bump, or are staying with “team yellow.”

 Announcing Your Bump in Style

A gender reveal invitation can ask guests to cast their vote in a variety of ways.

Many couples choose to use the baby shower invitations as a way of doing a gender reveal, but you can also save that for the party. A gender reveal invitation can even include a ballot for guests to submit their guess!

However you decide to share the good news, Storkie is here to help! From baby shower invitations to birth announcements, we have a beautiful design that is perfect for you and your bundle of joy.


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