ss 101031843camplunches A Summer of Lunches Looms AheadTomorrow is the last day of public school where I live. Our neighborhood camp starts next Monday. The challenge of the moment is to think of lunches for the next nine weeks.

When school is in session, I am pretty lucky that for at least two of the five school days, one or more of my children will opt for purchasing a school lunch. But, there are no “camp lunches” this summer. When we organized the camp run by neighborhood parents we felt it would be easier for everyone if each family provides snacks, drinks, and lunch for his/her own children.

I have decided that my children will have non-school menu camp lunches as far as the food. In addition, I am making an effort to pack everything in plastic boxes that can be washed out and reused. Even the small “cool pak” that I will include in my children’s lunch/snack bag is reusable. To get creative ideas I began to check online.

One site I found suggested a week of lunch/snack ideas revolving around the card game, “Crazy Eights.” My children would love this snack/lunch combo. I will try packing eight celery sticks, carrot sticks, almonds, green grapes, red grapes, cherries, cucumbers, and grape/cherry or slices of tomatoes. Then, I will add eight tortilla strips about two inches wide and a hummus spread in a container. Also, I will include eight leaves of arugula, baby spinach, or any other salad green. My children will be able to assemble their own wraps and make a combination that they enjoy. As you read my list of “Crazy Eight” suggestions you probably think my children eat a wide variety of foods and they do. Substitute what your children like. After all, it’s summer time!

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