Who’s That Baby?

Include a request in your invitations for each guest to bring a good picture of themselves as a baby. When the guests arrive, assign a number to each picture and hang it on the wall. Have each guest guess which baby photo corresponds to each of the shower guests. Award a prize to the guest who matches up the most photos.

Creative Baby Onesies

Buy onesies in multiple sizes and colors, enough to give one to each guest. Place each onesie over a sturdy piece of cardboard fabric paint projects diy baby onesies 300x217 5 Great Baby Shower Games you will really want to playto keep the front flat and slightly stretched. Set up a table with fabric paint and baby safe decorate elements. Invite your guests to get creative and illustrate a masterpiece designed for the new bouncing bundle of joy.

Speed Diapers

Separate your guests into small teams and arm them with a roll of toilet paper. Allow the teams five minutes to wrap a team member in a mock diaper. The team with the most sturdy, creatively diapered “baby” wins a prize.

Artistic Babies

Provide each guest a sheet of paper and a marker or crayon. Blind fold them 16 painting onesies1 300x184 5 Great Baby Shower Games you will really want to playand give them 2 minutes to draw their best baby. The mom-to-be picks her favorite drawing and the artist wins a prize.

Baby Charades

Separate your shower guests into two groups and have them compete in a game of baby charades. One player on each team acts out a word or phrase as their teammates try to guess what it is. The theme must stick to babies, baby supplies, pregnancy, parent-hood or the parents-to-be.


“That’s What She Said”

Secretly, while the mom-to-be is opening her gifts, select a friend or family member to write down some of the things she says as she’s oohhhing and ahhing over the items (like “Oh, it’s adorable!” “Blue is such a great color!” “Ohh I really needed some of these!”). After all the gifts have been opened, announce that it’s a little-known fact that the things a pregnant woman says as she’s opening baby gifts are the very same things she said when the baby was conceived. Then read back the quotes and enjoy the laughter.

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