Aside from making the choice to bring a little bouncing baby into this world, naming him or her is one of the hardest steps. Here are a few suggestions to help you out, as well 1179984 79501734sm 2010 Baby Name Ideas as a list of 2010’s most popular names in several different categories.

Baby naming suggestions:

  1. Choose a baby name which is easy to pronounce
  2. Make sure it sounds good with your last name.
  3. Give your baby a meaningful name (you can look up the meaning of names online or at a bookstore)
  4. Consider avoiding common names (this one can be tough, since typically popular names are popular for a reason).
  5. Take suggestions from friends and relatives.
  6. With all of the above in mind, remember name calling and teasing is still prevalent.


Great Baby Names for 2010

Baby Boy Names: Aiden, Alijah, Brady, Braylon, Caleb, Hugo, Lucas, Mason
Baby Girl Names: Ainsley, Amari, Brooke, Fiona, Gabriella, Hailey, Jayla, Kendall, Mia, Mila, Paige, Valentina

2010 Baby Names – Religious and Biblical Influences

Baby Boy Names: Aaron, Asher, Gabriel, Joseph, Joshua, Luke, Noah, Solomon
Baby Girl Names: Ann, Delilah, Eden, Esther, Jane, Naomi

2010 Baby Names Influenced by the Economy

Baby Boy Names: Ace, Cash, Diego, Jacob, Owen, Ryder, Shane, Tucker
Baby Girl Names: Aubrey, Carly, Daphne, Elsa, Harper, Harley, Heidi, Lola, Marley, Riley, Stella

2010 Baby Names Inspired by Celebrities

Baby Boy Names: Anthony, Brody, Chace, Jonah, Jonas, Penn, Sebastian, Tristan
Baby Girl Names: Blake, Evangeline, Hayden, January, Leighton, Miley, Scarlett, Taylor

2010 Baby Names Inspired by History and Politics

Baby Boy Names: Abraham, Anderson, Barack, Carter, Immanuel, Jackson, Jefferson, Tyler
Baby Girl Names: Arianna, Eleanor, Hillary, Kennedy, Madeline, Madison, Reagan, Taylor

2010 Baby Names Inspired by Sports

Baby Boy Names: Brady, Colt, Colton, Daniel, Eli, Evan
Baby Girl Names: Bethanie, Melanie, Natalie, Peyton, Serena

2010 Baby Names Inspired by TV, Movies, and Music

Baby Boy Names: Campbell, Charlie, Cooper, Edward, Grey, Max, Sterling
Baby Girl Names: Amelia, Bella, Betty, Isabella, Joan, Kylie, Layla, Mariah, Melody, Peggy

2010 Trends for Twins

Twin Boy Names: Caleb and Joshua, Elijah and Isaiah, Ethan and Evan, Isaac and Isaiah, James and John, Landon and Logan, Logan and Lucas, Matthew and Michael
Twin Girl Names: Addison and Avery, Ava and Emma, Ella and Emma, Faith and Hope, Gabriella and Isabella, Jayden and Jaylen, Olivia and Sophia
Twin Boy/Girl Names: Adrian and Adriana, Aiden and Ava, Caleb and Callie, Jordan and Jayden, Hayden and Hunter, Madison and Mason, Natalie and Nathan, Samuel and Sophia.

What do you think?  Any you think should be added to the list?

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