Baby of the Week: Carly S.

Get ready for some serious baby cuteness!!!  Introducing Storkie baby of the week Carly S. in an incredibly adorable butterfly costume.  Snug as a bug, little Carly is content as can be, looking right at the camera with her dimpled smile and outstretched arms ready for flight. Special thanks to Shelly for sharing! All the […]

Baby of the Week: Carly

Introducing the latest Storkie baby of the week, Carly!!!  This little cutie is just starting to giggle and roll over.  Carly’s sapphire blue eyes are mesmerizing, and she is so precious in this adorable picture with the chocolate-brown outfit and pink floral adornments.  LOVE LOVE LOVE! Special thanks to Amy for sharing this beautiful picture […]

Baby of the Week: Avery Michelle

Hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend!!! This week’s super cute baby is Avery Michelle.  LOVE this picture of her sleeping peacefully on a soft blanket – absolutely precious!  With her curled up pose, hand under her dimpled chin, and button-nose, Avery is an absolute angel. Special thanks to Alex for sharing! All the […]

Baby of the Week: Ava Olivia

We are pleased to introduce Storkie baby of the week Ava Olivia!  This little cutie captured our hearts with her warm smile and outreached arms (totally ready for a big hug). Ava was seven months old in the pic below and she loves to dance.  Absolutely ADORABLE!!! Special thanks to Juliet for sharing! All the best,