Introducing the latest Storkie baby of the week… Micah!!!

This picture of Micah is absolutely precious, as he sleeps peacefully in a basket. You can immediately see why we fell in love with baby Micah… As soon as we saw this gorgeous photo of him in a too-cute-for-words pose, we just knew we had to feature Micah as our baby of the week!!!

Special thanks to Rebecca for sharing!

micah Baby of the Week: Micah

All the best,

rachel signature Baby of the Week: Micah

3 thoughts on “Baby of the Week: Micah

  1. So exciting! Thank you for choosing Micah to be your baby of the week. I was very honored that you emailed me, and that you loved his photo. Especially because this is my photography, and my beautiful little boy! Two things that are very dear to my heart :0)

  2. Micah is totally the baby of the week if not month!! he is the cutest baby ever… at least for the next 4 months 🙂

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