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Baby of the Week: Marjorie

Babies bring some of the most magical moments to our lives. This week’s cutie baby is Marjorie. How adorable does she look in her pink jammies and colorful headband?!  Marjorie’s innocent smile and cheerful giggles are sure to break hearts all over the globe! Thanks to Donamarie for sharing her sweetheart with us! All the [...]

Baby of the Week: Reyna Joy

How gorgeous is this week’s baby of the week, Reyna Joy!?!  From her big beautiful blue eyes to her puckered lips, she is quite the cutie! Little Miss Reyna is such a little peanut and her gaze is sure to brighten your Wednesday! Special thanks to Katy for sharing this photo of her little angel! [...]

Baby of the Week: Charlotte An

A cute baby can bring a smile to even the most serious of people. Meet baby of the week, Charlotte An. An absolute angel, Charlotte is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen!  From her perfect little pose and that innocent smile to her adorable knit hat! Special thanks to Brigitte for sharing this [...]

Baby of the Week: Vincent John

This week’s cute baby, Vincent John, is bright eyed, bushy tailed, and ready to take on the world. It’s all new to Vincent! He may not be sure what to think of it all just yet, but those big hazel eyes are taking it all in. Mom will certainly have her hands full with this [...]

Baby of the Week: Payton & Landon

I am in love with this absolutely perfect little pair! They are too cute for words with their thick black hair and their tiny baby fingers! Our latest cute babies, Payton and Landon, are twice as nice! Payton sleeps peacefully, dreaming of cozy blankets and sweet kisses from mom while Landon does his brotherly duty [...]