Monthly Archives: July 2011

Sugar and Spice Party Ideas

Planning a party and trying to choose your theme?  Consider “Sugar and Spice”!!! A sugar and spice party can be twice as nice!  Create a delicious snack table filled with lots of sweet treats - like brightly colored macaroons, saltwater taffy and ice cream. Pastels are the way to go for this sweet sensation because they are [...]

Baby of the Week: Leanne Victoria

We are pleased to introduce this week’s baby of the week: Leanne Victoria! Leanne is quite the cutie with her big eyes and inquisitive expression.  Love those tiny fists that are held up. Thanks for sharing Joanne! Best wishes,

Pink and Zebra Print Birthday Theme Ideas

The combination of pink and zebra print has to be one of my favorite combos! The staggered black and white contrasting against the bright solid pink… divine! To pull this off you’ll need an abundance of animal print and a great accent color (hot pink is our choice). Feather boas and tiaras are a must for [...]

Go Bananas! Monkey Birthday Party Inspiration

What’s cuter than a bunch of monkeys jumping around in party hats!?! If your little one goes bananas for apes, then a monkey-themed party may be just what the doctor ordered. Chocolate covered frozen bananas are an easy-to-do must-have at this shindig. But don’t let the banana treats stop there! Tantalize taste buds with banana-shaped candies [...]

Baby of the Week: Ryleigh Addison

This week’s incredibly adorable baby of the week is Ryleigh Addison. Her beautiful ruffle dress and matching hairbow are too cute!  But it’s Ryleigh’s radiant smile and whimsical pose that has us gushing!!! Special thanks to mom Lisa for sharing! Happy Monday!