Monthly Archives: June 2011

Baker’s Pride Bridal Shower Inspiration

Even Susie homemaker has to get married sometime. What better way celebrate than to throw a baking themed bridal shower? Here’s the recipe to make it amazing… Ingredients: 1 group of close friends and family members Tons of gifts A couple cookie-scented candles for ambiance Décor that looks good enough to eat Food that IS [...]

Baby of the Week: Oliver Kingston

For our latest Baby of the Week, we are excited to feature Oliver Kingston. The whole Storkie office fell in love with his cute yellow polo shirt and those cheeks!!!  Thank you Ali for sharing! Best wishes,

The Perfect Putt – Golf Bridal Shower Inspiration

It’s tee time and your wedding is just up the fairway! Whether you are an avid golfer or just a fan of the game, you’ll love today’s inspiration board. A golf themed wedding shower is anything but boring. It’s out of the box and says a lot about the couple. There are so many creative ways you can [...]

Summer is In… Wedding Inspirations

In honor of today’s Summer Solstice, we have a fun Summer Wedding Inspiration Board for you! Summer brings many things: sunshine, flowers in full bloom, birds chirping, and of course L-O-V-E. It’s no wonder that many couples choose this season to start their new beginning. Add a punch of color to your wedding décor; bright [...]

Vintage Wedding Inspiration Board

The word “vintage” is quite broad, so naturally books and websites vary in delineating the timeline. To make things easier, we will stick with the period from 1800-1979 as our timeframe for “vintage” (which is admittedly loose). A vintage theme on your wedding day will make you feel that romance is indeed timeless. If you [...]