Monthly Archives: September 2010

Frog Prince Baby Shower Theme

The super adorable frog prince shower theme is a perfect fit for your soon-to-arrive baby boy! Set the mood with Storkie’s Lily Pad Baby Shower Invitations, then incorporate an array of coordinating lily pad, frog or frog prince items found in stores or online. You can select green and one or two other colors, then decorate [...]

Elegant Red, Black, and White Wedding Inspiration Board

Divergent yet elegant and refined – the Red, Black and White Wedding speaks to your passion, your creativity and your individuality… shaking up the normal paradigm of  the classic white wedding and entering into an inventive new realm where you are able to re-define what your guests expect as the typical atmosphere and feel. Start [...]

Monkeying Around Baby Shower!

Adorable and silly, this fun baby shower theme is perfect to celebrate the arrival of your new little monkey! Set the mood with Storkie’s Monkeying Around Baby Shower Invitation or Storkie’s other great baby shower invitations. Then have a blast coordinating monkey cupcakes, cookies, cups, plates and decorations in bright yellow and brown. Mix up some [...]

Hilarious Staged Wedding Photography

Be bold ~ be brave ~ have fun! Break away from the typical staged wedding photography and show your true colors! Whether by running away with your soon-to-be on a subway train, squishing your groomsmen with your heels or playing a casual round of golf… What do you think about these alternative wedding shots?

Creative Bridesmaids Photo Shoot Ideas

Your bridesmaids play a huge part in your wedding preparation and wedding day.  From bridal showers, to planning sessions, to bachelorette parties, your gals will keep you sane (or at least will listen when you feel like you are going insane).  Keep those precious moments close to your heart and strong in your memory with a [...]