Monthly Archives: July 2010

DIY Glowing Candle Centerpiece Inspiration

Glowing candles can create a gorgeous ambiance, especially if you’re having an event in the evening. More impressive than typical votive candles, these beautiful glowing inspirations combine flowers suspended in water, floating candles and other accents such as small river pebbles, gemstones or glass beads.   Ideas for Flowers: Roses Petals Floating Rose – 1 [...]

Unique Baby Shower Theme ~ Aviation Inspiration

Aviation Day Baby Shower? Why not?!? Airplanes make for a super cute boy shower theme, and there are so many ways to get creative… The sky is the limit! *pun intended* National Aviation Day is observed in the United States on August 19 each year to celebrate the history and development of aviation. The day [...]

Pink and Chocolate Wedding Inspiration Board

One of the hottest color combinations this year is chocolate brown and pink… brown is the new black! The soft warm feel of brown paired with refined and classy pink is an exuberant mix. Enjoy a few of our newest Wedding Invitations “Rapture Layered 1 & 2″ as well as our elegant Chocolate Brown and [...]

How about a 3D Baby Shower cake?

One of the best ways to plan a fun Baby Shower theme is to design it around a special cake that will serve as your table centerpiece! What makes a better impact than a custom piece of edible artwork? A 3D cake is a normal shaped cake, square, round or rectangle that has been carved [...]

Throwing an Unforgetable Bachelorette Party

Although we have been holding events to honor the bride-to-be for centuries, what we now know of as a bachelorette party has only been common practice since the mid-1980’s. Created primarily to establish gender equality and to mirror the bachelor party, the first book on planning bachelorette parties wasn’t even published until 1998. Since this [...]