Monthly Archives: June 2010

Down the Aisle in Style

The walk down the aisle is a breathtaking special moment, emotions run high with jitters, tears and joy! Decorate your wedding runway in an unique way personal to you and create a very special moment for yourself as well as a unforgettable event for your guests. These are my personal selections…some of the most profound, unique [...]

Sculpted Baby Cake ~ Amazing Time Lapse Video!

I find time-lapse videos incredibly fascinating, so when I stumbled across this one I couldn’t help but to take a quick peek. To my surprise it truly captivated me and I actually watched the whole video. The attention to detail throughout this cake creation is astonishing: from the crease of the lips to the baby’s [...]

Black and White Wedding Inspiration Board

Are you creating a Black and White Wedding but not sure what to do? Borrow a few inspiring ideas from our Black and White Wedding Vision Board as well as the tips provided below. Custom Printed Wedding Invitations from The Wedding Party Keep the attire simple, a black and white theme has an overall [...]

Mother-In-Law Spotlight: Betty Schug

First off, a big thank you to Eric Palmer for submitting the following MiL nomination.  What an amazing family and story! My mother-in-law is really my bonus mother-in-law. She married my father-in-law back in February after his wife (my real mother-in-law) passed away last year of a 7-year battle with cancer. My bonus mother-in-law is [...]

Splish Splash Baby Shower Theme Inspiration Board

Splish Splash or Rubber Ducky is just one of many adorable themes you can select  for your Baby Shower decor. Below you will find our inspiration board with many cute as a button ideas for matching favors, games, plates, cups and more. L-R  Splish Splash Plate Set, Yellow Rubber Ducky Cake Candles, Ducky Shower Deluxe [...]