Down the Aisle in Style

The walk down the aisle is a breathtaking special moment, emotions run high with jitters, tears and joy! Decorate your wedding runway in an unique way personal to you and create a very special moment for yourself as well as a unforgettable event for your guests. These are my personal selections…some of the most profound, unique […]

Sculpted Baby Cake ~ Amazing Time Lapse Video!

I find time-lapse videos incredibly fascinating, so when I stumbled across this one I couldn’t help but to take a quick peek. To my surprise it truly captivated me and I actually watched the whole video. The attention to detail throughout this cake creation is astonishing: from the crease of the lips to the baby’s […]

Mother-In-Law Spotlight: Betty Schug

First off, a big thank you to Eric Palmer for submitting the following MiL nomination.  What an amazing family and story! My mother-in-law is really my bonus mother-in-law. She married my father-in-law back in February after his wife (my real mother-in-law) passed away last year of a 7-year battle with cancer. My bonus mother-in-law is […]