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6 Overlooked Wedding Details You Won’t Want to Forget!

1) Entertainment for Children If there will be children at your event, be sure to plan something fun to entertain them. Some excellent ideas are: Coloring books, board games and crafts. If there will be many younger children at your event, set up a nearby room with a DVD player and games and delegate one [...]

5 Most Important First Steps to Plan a Wedding

So you’re engaged…Now what? While the wedding planning process can take many months and lots of work there are a few key areas to focus on initially for a successful event. 1) Set a Wedding Budget This is very important as the little details can really start to add up and next thing you know [...]

Introducing Storkie’s Wedding Advice Week!

We’re kicking off a special week here at Storkie Express! This entire week we will feature articles for Newly Engaged Couples! We are going to include: What couples-to-be should focus on during the first phase of wedding planning Some of the most overlooked details you shouldn’t forget Ways to cut corners and save money on [...]

Wedding Advice Week is Coming…

Share your best wedding advice and WIN $100 Storkie Gift Certificate. Storkie Express is pleased to announce the upcoming Storkie Special Delivery blog’s “Wedding Advice Week” – a week of great wedding advice posts kicking off on March 29th! Spring Wedding Season is Coming!!! What tips do you have for soon-to-be-married couples? Post your best [...]

Don’t Stress, Just Address! Presenting Wedding Invitations Wording & Announcements eBook

Wedding stationery can easily send the most put-together soon-to-be brides and grooms into a spiral of self-doubt and subsequent spiral of stress, struggle, and self pity. “Do I send my boss an invite or not?” “Should all my guests attend the bridal shower?” “What do I write on the envelope I’m sending to two doctors [...]