Monthly Archives: February 2010

8 Tips for Perfect Baptism Invitations

Baptism is one of the most beloved traditions for the church community. Since families typically have the baby’s Baptism or Christening shortly after birth, typically within the first six months, the sight of a baby being welcomed into God’s family brings to mind so many adjectives: beautiful, adorable, magical to name a few. We typically advise [...]

2010 Winter Olympics New Event: Baby Racing

I came across this hilarious video the other day as I was searching Youtube for 2010 Winter Olympics videos. Quite the intense competition with the parents… The babies? Most of the babies are just not that interested in crawling all the way! I found myself laughing so hard and just had to share. Hope you enjoyed it as [...]

Stunning New Classic and Elegant Wedding Invitations

Classic, elegant or casual, your wedding invitations are the first introduction to the look and feel of your event. Clean lines, gorgeous designs and beautiful details make this newly expanded line of invitations perfect for your wedding. You can customize the invitations with your own personal touches: unique wording, ink color and more. To help you [...]

Baby Shower Checklist a Step-by-Step Guide

Baby Shower Checklist!   Two Months Ahead of Time Create the baby shower guest list Set the date of the baby shower Decide on the baby shower location   One Month Choose a baby shower theme and/or colors Choose your baby shower invitations   Three Weeks Plan the baby shower menu Special order the baby [...]

The Meaning of Baptism and Christening

Babies tug on the whole family’s heartstrings. From the moment our mom-to-be begins showing the little baby bulge to the moment the bundle of joy is born, our lives are dedicated to their growth and nurturing. In the first few years there are many important celebrations to prepare for, and one of the first for [...]