Next Year

Although the Chanukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa holidays were wonderfully celebrated, at one of the holiday parties we met a couple who are “empty nesters.” They told us about their family’s tradition of traveling with the children every year during the winter holiday school vacation. Often they went to family dispersed in exotic places such as […]

Not Very Romantic

We all like to get that romantic gift now and then. Perhaps, we recently got a gift that was meant to please us but… The gift I would like to discuss today is neither romantic nor really something one puts on a desired-gift-list.  That gift is the slow cooker. It is found on the not-so-romantic gifts […]

Craving Candy

The fact is that everyone craves and loves candy. Maybe we don’t all have the same taste in candy, but in some form or another, young and old, we love candy! So where can we go to visit how our favorite treat is made? Check out the MSN Online article about Candyfreak‘s author, Steve Almond […]

Christmas Enthusiasm

Perhaps you have seen this very funny video about two very enthusiastic gift recipients on Christmas morning. A commercial was made using this and last year this circulated via email.  But, it is so adorable and honest that I had to share it with you today! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!