Looking for the Unusual

Before you settle down for the long winter, perhaps you want to take a short trip and experience the unusual? If you like museums and oddities, check out these top “wackiest” sights! Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas Museum of Pez Memorabilia in Burlingame, California Minnesota Twine Ball in Darwin, Minnesota The Paris Texas Eiffel Tower […]

Thank You Cards

As I looked at the remaining holiday cards from last year, I noticed that my thank you card amounts had dwindled. Even though fewer and fewer people send thank you cards, I still do. So, I decided that I would order some thank you cards with my name, with my husband and my names, and […]

Magnet Holiday Cards for Us

With Halloween approaching so quickly, I began to think about our holiday card recipient list. The magnet holiday cards are so perfect because we can send our greetings as well as offer a token gift for the season. So, magnet cards are what I will order for the 2009-10 holiday season! Don’t delay in browsing […]

Baby Naming Trends

Many religions provide for ceremonies that formally bring a newborn baby into the community. How many Christening and Baptism events have you attended? Today, an increasingly popular and creative celebration, called “Simhat Bat” welcomes the baby girl into the Jewish community with prayer and rituals similar to the traditional ceremony that welcomes a baby boy […]

Yes, It Is Football Season

For many of us football season gathers us together to watch games, share snacks, and cheer our favorite teams. Football season also coincides with the holiday of Thanksgiving. Have you made your plans and sent out invitations? In the spirit of being thankful for life’s blessings, here is a great video! Enjoy!