Christmas Gift and Card Lists

It is definitely not too early to think about your Christmas and Holiday card recipient list. It is also not too early to think about gifts for your loved ones. I have been making photo books for my two close friends’ grandchildren for the past two years. During the year, I attempt to take many […]

A Response to Life 101

On September 8, 2009 The Miami Herald printed an article called, “Life 101.” Subtitled, “What every child should learn before you let them fly the coop,” designated specific ages when certain logical life tasks need to be performed. The article separated tasks into “household, skills for life, food and drink, and etiquette.” Here are a […]

Baby Shower – You Can Do It!

Your best friend, sister, cousin, or aunt will soon have a baby.  Of course you know you need to make a baby shower in her honor. Before you plan a theme and choose the date and invitations,  click on the link found below and have some fun and a few laughs! There is a humorous side […]

Terrific Twins

Many books have been written about the experience of being an identical twin. Today, twin births are more prevalent. The book, One and the Same by Abigail Pogrebin reveals the author’s experiences of growing up as a twin. In addition, Ms. Pogrebin dedicates chapters with advice for parents who have identical and fraternal twins today. […]

Mind and Body

As we rear our children to become strong and self-sufficient, we nurture both mind and body. Spend less than five minutes with your child/ren or student and watch this video to see strength of mind and body. How awesome!