A Day of Good Deeds

Yesterday our schools were closed in honor of the Jewish Day of Atonement, Yom Kippor. In addition to many people in our area fasting, attending religious services, and feeling the spirit of the holiday, we have annually attended, as a family, an end of this auspicious day’s celebration called the Break Fast. At Break Fast last […]

Turning Eighteen

Turning eighteen and still at the beginning of senior year of high school can present some challenges to parents who have not set limits and who have not communicated clear expectations. Yes, legally our son is viewed by society as an adult when he reaches his 18th birthday at the end of October. But, being […]

After School Activities

As much as children learn from their academic and school time experiences, they learn from the after school activities they pursue. So who decides what your children will commit to and how can we teach them to follow through on their choice of commitments? The previous questions’ answers need to be agreed upon equally by both […]

Share Nature’s Beauty

For those of us with family and friends spread out across the United States, we can share the special beauty of the region where we live! For example, we have wonderful friends in North Carolina who save autumn leaves, pop them in an envelope and mail them to us to garnish our Thanksgiving table. We, […]