Back to School Organization

Having four children necessitates being especially organized. During the summer, we follow a less busy routine and school year rules and habits evaporate as we live the relaxed summer-time lifestyle. But, in order for the six of us, living in close proximity to each other with six schedules and “sets of personal belongings,” to be […]

Party Candy: A Question of Taste

Recently our niece came back with candy from a summer in Scandinavia. Throughout her nine-week journey she continuously sent email updates regarding what candy the Scandinavians love and how unusual their tastes are compared to ours. Many of their birthday, anniversary, and wedding celebrations feature candy strewn decoratively about the guests’ tables. Our family also […]

Why Julie and Julia Is A Must-See!

Our children were out of town so we waited to see Julie and Julia. We listened to the advice that we should not go hungry. After a quick and yummy dinner of Thai food, we bought our tickets and found great seats in a local stadium-seating theater. We all love Meryl Streep and our youngest […]