Monthly Archives: August 2009

College Visitation Trips: Good Airfares

With a junior in high school, discussions about college application choices have dominated our family time. Although our son has visited schools in the New York City and Boston area, he knows what he doesn’t want in a college experience but has no clue as to where he would like to go. Being a really [...]

Labor Day Weekend Party Menu

The end of summer in many part of the U. S. means our gardens burst with produce. Tomatoes and late summer corn should be a part of your party’s menu!. If you plan to entertain, try and incorporate anything that your garden offers into the festivities. For example, if you have strawberries, use them for [...]

Tea Kettles and Memories

For some of us, the vision of a tea kettle sitting on the stove reminds us of grandparents who have the time to make a pot of tea, place cookies on a plate, set the table with cups, saucers, and cake plates, and then sit down to spend time with us. The whistle on the [...]

Movie Recommendation for Back to School

Next weekend will be our first after the first week back to school. Happily, we already have a family outing planned to the movies to wipe away the stress of the first week back! Shorts, a family movie by Robert Rodriquez has a clear-cut plot with fantasy moments that will help our imaginations take off. [...]

Creative Marriage Proposals

For a short time I worked with a woman who wrote a book chronicling marriage proposals. Published and available around Valentine’s Day, it made a great gift book. Romantic details and creativity earned a place in this collection of stories. I remember writing out my sister’s marriage proposal story, which consisted of a closed math [...]