Thanksgiving in July

Who says that we can only celebrate Thanksgiving once a year and only in November? For several years we have marked the end of July with a Thanksgiving feast. Everyone loves the traditional foods of Thanksgiving. In addition, our Thanksgiving in July gives us a time to stop and reflect on our blessings and what […]

Trends in Meeting Parenting Challenges

Where can parents turn to hear what other parents say about parenting topics? I decided that I would share¬†some of the resources I have found. Not everyone has access to advice and tips about new strategies that help us face the various challenges that rearing children presents in the 21st century. My suggestions offer self-help […]

Celebrate the Girl!

One day we look at our daughter, and she is just a little girl and then the next day she has invisibly crossed over the line into young womanhood! WOW! How can we acknowledge this momentous occasion without slapping her cheek, which used to be an old fashioned superstitious custom? I think that the Latina/Hispanic/Central […]

Plan Your Parties Today

Now is the perfect time to think about what parties and celebrations will occur in the next coming months. Wouldn’t it feel great to have the invitations and/or save-the-date cards already picked out and ordered? In the slower-paced summer months we have more time to organize and make our lives easier for the busy, hectic […]