Magnetic Invitations

I don’t know about you, but when we redid our kitchen and I had to decide if I wanted a refrigerator panel to match the wood of my cabinets, I thought long and hard and decided to take it but not have it installed. We all look at the “fridge” more times in a day […]


I am borrowing the phrase “staycation” from Pottery Barn. Enjoying summer and making the long days full of spending time with loved-ones can cost as much as you want to spend or as little! Although there are many attractive offerings for backyard decorating and furniture, who says you can’t place an old sheet on the […]

Father’s Day Revisited

Father’s Day was celebrated successfully last Sunday. The Dads in attendance were duly spoiled by the extended family after having been individually spoiled by the nuclear families. Our children made my husband a Dutch Baby Oven Pancake for breakfast and took him to see a Star Trek movie. Then we gathered at my sister’s house […]

Honeymoon and Logic

Honeymoon trips and logic do not go together. Now, that we have been married almost 25 years and people ask, “Where did you go on your honeymoon?” and we have to say we didn’t go on a honeymoon, we realize not spending the money on a honeymoon was logical but not a good choice. Logically, […]

Cookie Recipe Resource Continued

Just  in case you missed out on the wedding trend and celebration idea of having a  homemade cookie buffet, check out more suggested recipes! From the eighties, the 1982 cookie of the year “Chocolate Meringue Biscuits’” recipe appeals to me!   From the nineties, the cookie of the year, 1997’s, “Chocolate Coconut Squares’” recipe appeals to […]