My Birthday!

Today, on May 29th I celebrate my birthday and share the date with President John F. Kennedy, Bob Hope, my girlfriend Marie’s mother, and probably millions of other people. In honor of me, I decided that I would pick out one of the birthday party invitation offerings and create a fantasy party! For my party, […]

Not Only Graduations from School

 May and June are filled with celebrations such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and many graduations from school. In addition, today, many children take piano and/or violin lessons, dance, sing, study visual arts such as painting, photography or sculpture, do gymnastics and act in theater groups for youth. During May and June many of the […]

Brain Activity

I read somewhere that children remember about 7% of what they recently learned from school, during the summer time vacation. I know that the statistic refers to facts and figures. Somehow, song lyrics, phone numbers, email addresses are rarely forgotten. I used to tell my students who told me they couldn’t remember grammar rules that […]

Fabulous Father’s Day

 The 21st of June is around the corner. What are you planning to spoil the Dads in your family? A themed day based on what Dad or Grandpa likes to do is a good idea. If Dad loves to fish, plan on everyone waking up early and getting out to his favorite fishing spot. Plan a […]