Save Time and Be “Green”

Although multi-tasking  often leads to added stress, it does help us get things done. Being organized helps us multi-task and achieve quality at the same time. Did you see Real Simple Magazine’s article about how to line up the products in the bathroom that we use everyday? In addition, the same issue suggests ways to […]

Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas

Recently, I was over at my parents and my mom showed me in her drawer a box with some jewelry that her five children had made for her as Mother’s Day gifts. My nail polish-covered, bent-tongue-depressor bracelet, like a cuff with tiny macaroni alphabet letters spelling out “love,” was still one of my mom’s favorites. […]

Is Chocolate Just Chocolate?

For those of us who are chocolate lovers, when chocolate is craved, then chocolate is chocolate. Although chocolate is chocolate when I get the urge, my palate can discern between a piece of Leonidas, Fresh Belgian Chocolate and a bite of a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate candy bar. Here’s a hilarious story with an example of […]

The Full Themed Baby Shower

We love to hear from customers, and we love even more when our customers send us photos and stories of the great events for which we’ve created invitations.  One customer sent us some photos that had the whole office buzzing.  Taking the ladybug theme to the max, after ordering Ladybug baby shower invitations, she found […]

“Sweet” Sixteen on Earth Day

My youngest sister’s eldest child, a son, turns 16 on April 22, 2009, which is Earth Day. He takes the blessing of being born on Earth Day quite seriously and has been involved in community service that has helped clean up parts of the Everglades. In addition to his environmental interests, he’s an all-American kind […]