Instead Of…

Last week I wrote about the spring tradition of decluttering our living spaces. One of my reader fans, told me that I should research and write about reusing things instead of just getting rid of everything. “Ok, I admit it. It is my daughter’s suggestion.”   I began to research and the ideas are endless. […]

Chocolate Math = Fun

I got this email and thought about the gorgeous chocolate-colored photo birthday invitations now offered by Storkie. So just for fun, in honor of the upcoming Easter chocolate binge, do the math and check this out!   YOUR AGE BY CHOCOLATE MATH Solving this equation takes less than a minute.   Work this out as you […]

No Money, No Problem

Although most of us feel the effects of the recession, many girls turning 15 and 16 are still continuing to uphold the tradition of celebrating this milestone birthday. Perhaps today the festivities are more modest than before but the joy and fun of the girls’ parties cannot be diminished by monetary concerns. I thought I […]

Never Too Late

Spring is the season for First Holy Communions and Confirmations. But throughout the year, Jewish Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies and celebrations occur. Usually, children ages 12 or 13 for girls, the Bat Mitzvahs, and age 13 for boys, the Bar Mitzvahs are the celebrants. But, an article in the online New York Times from […]

Clear the Clutter

Traditionally the season of spring provides an opportunity to clean up and clear out the house. With warmer days and pleasant breezes, opening the windows, cleaning thoroughly, and sorting through items collected during the winter helps in our feeling of freedom that spring brings. Sometimes when looking at an entire living space whether it is […]