Summer Wedding Flower Options

ID 100231287 Summer Wedding Flower Options A wedding without flowers is like a prom without music. Flowers are the essential elements in a wedding, whether it’s in a lavish setting or under a tight budget. If you are planning a summer wedding, then you’d be delighted to know that summer offers the widest range of flowers to choose from. One thing you should consider is that the flowers you choose will definitely have an impact on the theme of your wedding. For example, if you are having a tropical wedding, then you can’t really choose roses and jasmine and expect them to work.

The Options

You will most likely have an idea of what style of flowers you should choose to compliment your wedding theme. Go to one of the top florists and inquire about their seasonal availability. If you can’t decide on what to choose, here are our suggestions:

Alstromeria alstroemeria tricolor horiz CROP Summer Wedding Flower Options Available in white, pink, orange, and yellow colors, asltromeria is the ideal summer flower, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding. If you wedding site is based on a picturesque lake or mountain, then alstromeria should be one of your choices. Bells of Ireland moluccella Summer Wedding Flower Options Bells of Ireland is a green flower that is not usually available at every flower shop. That being said, if you can order these flowers, then you can incorporate them in both indoor and outdoor weddings to perfection. Sunflower single flower bouquet sunflower 600x799 Summer Wedding Flower Options Sunflower is the official flower of the summers and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a few at your wedding. Sunflowers can work like a charm at wedding by the seaside or with tropical themes. Lily 12 pink lily bunch Summer Wedding Flower Options satin tiger lily bush yellow 1 bunch 500x357 Summer Wedding Flower OptionsThere are two types of the lily flower, the Asiatic and the Oriental. Both lily flowers are available in white and pink, where Asiatic is also available in yellow and orange. If your wedding theme is bright, then you can accompany it with yellow and orange lily flowers. If your theme is simple, then white and pink lilies with enhance the décor even more! These are just few of the many options available for summer wedding flowers. Remember that flowers will contribute in completing the look of your wedding, so choose them wisely! You can also choose floral themed invitations that match.  We have a wide variety to choose from.

Planning the Perfect Outdoor Summer Wedding

outside 560x420 Planning the Perfect Outdoor Summer Wedding

Stunning Ceremony Site

Outdoor weddings have to be stunning to be really considered outdoor right? Talk with your fiancé about what your vision for a perfect outdoor wedding site is. It can be beside a lake, a beautiful garden, or close to a picturesque landscape. If you’re hiring a wedding planner, then discuss your aspirations for an outdoor setting and you’ll be surprised how they can help you.

Shade and Theme

Shade is a must for an outdoor summer wedding. If you are planning a wedding by the seaside, you can cover the site with linen cloth held together up high by bamboo sticks or large trees. The theme of your outdoor summer wedding should represent the feel good vibe that the summer brings. But at the same time, you should consider keeping your guests cool.


You and your guests will be using the bathroom a lot when they feel sweaty or drained out. You don’t want to have a wedding album where all your guests, including you look dull and exhausted. Keep backup stock for toiletries, sunscreen, mints, water bottles, mini deodorants, and so on. Rejuvenate your guests and they will definitely appreciate it.

Refreshing Drinks and Light Meals

Summer is the official season for fancy cocktails and drinks. You should aim at keeping yourself and your guests hydrated. Drinks like berry martinis, vodka with fruit punch, gin with lemon juice, and so on will make sure your guests have a good time while feeling refreshed. Summer is also the official season for barbeque and seafood. That being said, you can still have room for continental and Asian cuisine, both of which are light and tasty at the same time. Meals that are filling but not heavy will make sure your guests can have a good time afterhours.

Ask Storkie: Do I need to invite the spouse and children of those in my wedding party to the wedding rehearsal dinner?

Dear Storkie,

I have a dilemma. We’re throwing a formal wedding rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant and I don’t know whom to invite. I’m certain that my wedding party, close family and a few wedding professionals involved in the wedding are invited but do I have to invite their spouses and children as well? What is traditional? Please help! – Kim from Chicago blog rehearsal dinner invitation idea 560x372 Ask Storkie:  Do I need to invite the spouse and children of those in my wedding party to the wedding rehearsal dinner?

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Dear Kim,

Because it’s your wedding you can invite whomever you want. However, if you’re looking for the “traditional” answer here it is. Traditionally, any out of town guests and their children that flew in specifically for your wedding are invited to a wedding rehearsal dinner as well as your wedding party and their spouses. Flower girls, ring bearers and their parents as well as your parents, step parents, grandparents, siblings and all of their spouses and children. So to answer your question in a short and sweet way, yes, traditionally spouses and children are invited to a wedding rehearsal dinner.

How do you plan to invite all of these people? We have some great ideas for wedding rehearsal invitations here.

5 Reasons Why a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner is a Must Have

When it comes to planning a wedding many things must be implemented before moving forward with the actual “I Do.” This takes great effort by many different people including your most valued friends and family.  Because they’ve all worked so hard to ensure that your wedding day is perfect and comes off without a hitch, why not throw a rehearsal dinner party in appreciation for all their hard work? blog reasons for a wedding rehearsal dinner 560x372 5 Reasons Why a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner is a Must Have

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If you’re still not convinced that a wedding rehearsal dinner is a must have, perhaps these 5 reason will change your mind:

  1. You have friends and family who flew thousands of miles to celebrate your special day with you and you’d like to say thank you.
  2. Because the night before your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you should celebrate it with the people who made your wedding planning experience a beautiful one.
  3. Your bridesmaids have agreed to wear uncomfortable shoes for an entire day and night simply because they match the gowns you picked out perfectly and you’d like to say “thanks for getting blisters for me.”
  4. Because it’s a miracle that Uncle Charlie took off his cowboy boots to accommodate your formal wedding attire dress code and you’d like to celebrate that with champagne and great food.
  5. Simply because you have a section in your wedding workbook with slots for photos from your wedding rehearsal dinner and your type A personality won’t allow it to stay empty.

Are you convinced yet? If not, here’s a link to other reasons why you should have a rehearsal dinner as well as how to plan a wedding rehearsal dinner, who should be invited and beautiful rehearsal dinner invitation ideas.

Ask Storkie: We Aren’t Religious so How Can We Celebrate Our Baby

We are expecting our first child in a few weeks, and our family is already asking about a Christening. We’re not religious, though. How can we celebrate our newborn without having a religious ceremony?


6846279224 26afc4fcca z 560x560 Ask Storkie: We Arent Religious so How Can We Celebrate Our Baby

Dear Sam,

Many couples find themselves in the same position. They want to celebrate the birth of their baby, but don’t feel that a religious ceremony is right for them. Whether it’s because they aren’t of a particular faith or because each parents follows a different religion, it can leave them in a confusing position.

However, there is an easy solution to this problem. Having a naming ceremony for your baby is an excellent way to bring family and friends together to celebrate the birth. It can function in a way very similar to most religious ceremonies, but in a non-denominational way. You can even use it to designate godparents for your baby.

The main goal of this type of event, though, is to share the joy of this new life. Having your friends and family together in this way is also a great way to introduce your baby to everyone. This can even help you keep from having too many guests in those early days when you’re just finding your feet as new parents!

If you’re thinking about a naming ceremony for your baby, you’ll want to find the perfect invitations. If a religious ceremony is right for you, you’ll also want great invitations. Whatever your preference, we’ve got exactly what you need, so check out our great selection today!

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